Spiritual Director‘s Messages


Joy of Love


St. Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa) led a simple and materially impoverished life.  She devoted herself entirely to serve the poorest of the poor.  She truly loved others and lived her life to the true meaning of faith with confidence and joy in her heart.


In the core of Christian faith, the resurrected Christ is like a true light.  It is the source of our joy even though often we cannot discern it.    Thus, drawing water from this source, we can be “full of joy because we know that resurrection will be our final stop”.


Joy should neither be a feeling of temporary contentment, nor should it be a sense of self-centered satisfaction.  Instead it should be an affirmation of the meaning of life.


The joy of the Gospel comes from our complete trust in the Lord, trusting that His love is present among us anytime and anywhere.  This joy in our heart will not lead us to run away from challenges of everyday life but to make us more sensitive to the hardships of others. 

Our joy can be nourished by singing and praying together.  Brother Roger Schutz, founder of the Taize Community, has once suggested that we should “Keep singing to the Lord until you are filled with joy and peace”.

Drawing experience from her simple life, Mother Teresa taught us how to turn our love into practical action and to find joy in the fullness through simple services.



Rev. Dominic Chan, VG

Spiritual Advisor,

SSVP Central Council of Hong Kong