Rose Hill Pilgrimage (7/2014)

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Ozanam's Quotations Introspection (6/2014)

In this month of Fathers' Day, let us reflect upon the words from Blessed Frederic Ozanam about his father's love for the poor.

Upon reviewing his father's (a medical doctor) business affairs following his death, Frederic remarked, "One-third of his professional visits were made to the poor without any hope whatsoever of fees." (Bernard, L. (1925) Ozanam in His Correspondence. Dublin: CTS, p.137.)

Eight days after his father's death,  Frederic Ozanam remarked:
"My father knew from its beginning and loved our Society of St, Vincent de Paul. He rejoiced to see his son called as one of the first to take part in it. He often encouraged by his advice and example my inexperience in good works. He himself always welcomed and assisted the poor." (Dirvin, J. I. (trans. & ed.) (1986) Frederic Ozanam: A Life in Letters. SSVP Council of the United States, p.111.)


Father and mother members of SSVP: How do we inspire our children and grandchildren about helping the poor, as Ozanam Sr. did to Frederic? How do we support our spouse in setting a good example in to our children and grandchildren this aspect?